Insight Counselling Services

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Documents for the Counselling Process:

  1. Can My Insurance Pay for My Counselling Sessions - this document explains all you need for how your insurance may or may not cover all or part of your counselling fees.
  2. Counselling Goals Worksheet - Use this simple worksheet to write out your counselling goals - what you would like to get out of the counselling experience for you.  Please note that is an encrypted and password protected document to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.  To use this document, please email me for the password to unlock it for you. 
  3. Questions for the Counselling Process - this document is part of the counselling process what asks many standard questions in order for me to get a much fuller, more holistic picture of who you are.  These questions can be done through the counselling process or you can do them on your own and then email the document to me.  Please note the document is encrypted and password protected to ensure your confidentiality.  To use this document, please email me for the password to unlock it.  
  4. Session Rating Form - a form I use in counselling for you to give me feedback on the quality of your counselling experience. 
  5. Online Session Rating Form - you can also use this online version of giving feedback to your counselling experience. 
  6. Deep Breathing Mindfulness Audio File - Download and listen to this 6.5 minute mindfulness file, helpful for anxiety, depression, stress reduction, and improved ability to focus. 

Documents for Screening for Specific Issues:

  1. Depression Measurement Tool - a useful tool to see the degree to which depression may be affecting your life. 
  2. MAST - Michigan Alcohol Screening test 
  3. DAST - Drug Abuse Screening Test
  4. Gambling Screen - The CMHC (Canadian Mental Health Centre) Gambling Screening tool
  5. Codependency Self Test - A self screening to to assess how codependent you are at this time in your life.

Links to Useful Resources:

  1. Abide - a Youtube site with excellent Christian Meditation Videos and a link to the Abide App for your phone
  2. Anxiety BC - A site with many resources and techniques for addressing all different forms of anxiety