Insight Counselling Services

Where personal growth and change are possible

1. Individual Counselling

This is one-to-one counselling for a variety of issues: 

  • Available (1) in-office, (2) online video, or (3) phone counselling sessions.
  • Loss and Grief Issues
  • Substance Use or Abuse Issues
  • Addictions Related Issues
  • Codependency Issues (in a relationship with an addict)
  • Mental Health Issues - learning how to manage and cope with a mental health problem
  • Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder
  • Living through trauma
  • Work stress and strain
  • Men`s Issues

2. Couple Counselling or Relationship Counselling

  • Available (1) in-office, (2) online video, or (3) phone counselling sessions.
  • Relationship Issues/Problems
  • Managing Conflict and communication problems
  • Addressing infidelity, betrayal, loss, and trust
  • Blended Family or Step Family Issues and Dynamics
  • Parenting Issues - dealing with kids can be stressful and interfere in the spousal relationship, learning how to parent as a team can be tricky

3. Faith Based Counselling

  • Available (1) in-office, (2) online video, or (3) phone counselling sessions.
  • Dealing with life issues from a faith-based perspective (Christian)
  • Dealing with spiritual renewal, healing past & present hurts, forgiveness, and unanswered questions

4. Phone or Video Counselling Sessions

  • ​​For most types of counselling, online video sessions or telephone counselling sessions are a viable alternative, if preferred.  Online video sessions are very easy to do and convenient, and Russ can set it up and make sure it works for you.   It is that simple.   
  • Simply choose a video appointment when you book your appointment online.

If you are not sure whether Russ is the right counsellor for you or whether it would be appropriate to access him for counselling, please feel free to contact him (anonymously if you like) by calling 4O3-529-7255 or email him at:

Counselling Fees

Counselling sessions are 1.25 hours (75 min) rather than the 50 minute hour.  Each counselling session is $140 + GST (or $112/hour).  As Russ also works for the CPCA (Canadian Professional Counsellors Association), there are some evening appointments available.  However, these are only on a first come first serve basis.  Payment is due at the time of the session by cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal (

Insurance Coverage for Professional Counselling

Many insurance companies will cover a portion of the counselling costs, however, you need to check with your insurance provider.  If you would like more information that you can provide your insurance provider to help you get your insurance provider to cover some counselling costs, click here