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Your First Session

It can be scary to go for counselling.  I know.  I have gone for counselling and I was quite nervous and had all sorts of fears about what it might be like.  I have met many clients who have also expressed that they did not have a positive experience with counselling, which then becomes an even bigger hurdle to overcome to access professional counselling services.  So, to help you with the process, I wanted to give you some advice for how you can have a great experience in your first session with me. 

Plan your first session

FIRST, you can really feel a whole lot better in your first counselling session if you write out what you need from counselling and then tell me directly what you feel you need.  It may be that you need to feel in control of how fast or slow things go, or maybe it may be that you need to feel safe about your counsellor and that you have questions you need answered before you can feel comfortable.  Write out your questions and feel free to come and share them with me and I will endavour to answer them.

SECOND, it can be helpful share your fears about counselling, counsellors, and any aspect of counselling process.  It can be very helpful to write these out and discuss them right at the beginning.  Counselling is so much more effective if you are not having a lot of anxiety about sessions. Hopefully, I can alleviate a lot of your fears.  Mostly you need to know that your thoughts, experiences, and feelings will be heard and respected.  

THIRD, it is really valuable to share any expectations you may have about counselling or about me.   Hidden expectations can hurt the counselling process, so sharing them helps you and helps me do a better job for you. If you have had a prior negative experience with counselling, if is so important for me to understand your experience to ensure how your counselling experience with me can be a positive one for you.

FOURTH, it can be really helpful to phone or email me with any questions you may have.  Yes, it is OK to call and ask your questions even in advance of your first counselling session.  I am not available all the time, but if I am not available, leave a message with a couple of times when i might be able to reach you.  Or, call back during available hours.  Or email your question(s) to

FIFTH, it can be helpful to have your initial client intake form already completed.  This form is completed online by a link that is emailed to you.  Fill it out as much as possible and click "submit".   It is an easy form  fill out prior to your first session, which saves time in not filling it out in your first session.  And, it can also be helpful to your own preparation process to consider what you want to get out of counselling.  This is expressed through counselling goals. 

SIXTH, it can be helpful to know that I use a simple feedback system that allows you to provide me with feedback about your counselling experience, so that I can work to improve your experience.  It give you an opportunity to give me feedback on how understanding, accepting, hopeful I was in the session as well as other item.  You can check out my Session Rating Form for yourself.

AND LASTLY, If you would prefer to make your first counselling session be one that is over the phone, this can also be accommodated.  Email me to make these arrangements possible.  Counselling is all about your growth as a person.  In order to grow, you need the right environment, made up of the right supports, resources, and caring personal connection that will allow you to accomplish what you desire.  Seeking growth can be hard, but with counselling support and skill, it is worth the effort to create your life, rather than just live it.