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High Achievers Utilize Counselling

People have so many different ideas as to what counselling is about, what it is like, and who it is for.  I get comments from many different people who seem to suggest that counselling is really for those people who are experiencing a crisis or are not managing life well.  They seem to suggest that …

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Beating Negative Self-Talk Before it beats you

So many people I work with struggle with how they feel about themselves.  Many people struggle with depression and don’t want to admit it because it is unacceptable to them.  Yet they question their, attractiveness, lovability, intelligence, level of success and even their worth.  What many do not r…

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Is Your Engine Light On?

A lot of people ask me, "Russ, how do I know when I might need counselling?" This is a good question. Many think that counselling is for when life is falling apart. Certainly, getting good support and resources for helping you navigate putting the pieces back together again, is critical. However, co…

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